Igloo Ideas

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1) Personal Pumpkin Patch

2) Indoors Graveyard

3) Haunted/Ghost Ship & Cursed Treasure

4) Haunted Forest

5) Trick-Or-Treating Houses with Spooky Plants

6) Count Dracular’s Dungeon


This igloo belongs to Dancer116

This is one of the BEST igloos I ave ever seen! To explain what’s what:

1) Kiddie wading pool

2) Wave pool

3) Water slide

4) Some lounge chairs to dry off or have a rest

5) Toys, for decoration, a playgroung and/or to be used when you wish

6) Juke boxes not only supply music but make great changing rooms

7) Party area for penguins who prefer to stay dry. Now everyone can party!

Congrats to Dancer116 for such a great design!

Monkek Man has turned his igloo into a jungle:


1) Treasure protected my fire

2) Rough waves and some sharks! a Pirate ship is also a great addition. arrr, I be a pirate!

3) A royal armchair is perfect for a king or queen of the island. a runway in front of the chair gives the place a great look!

4) Spiders and webs can be found in jungles, so they really set the seen

5) Mystical statues

6) Thick plants hide a tomb stone. Mysterious!

7) Wooden floors resemble dirt

Great job Monkek Man!

Winter Wonderland:


1) Snowman and his fort. A fan keeps him cool! You could also make forts for snow fights

2) An igloo keeps your puffle in the wintery mood, too!

3) Brown plants add that seasonal touch

4) A fireplace sets the scene. Who doesn’t light up their fireplace in winter?

5) A few little bits and pieces of winter looking items including: a blue balloon, a glass coffee table (who says it can’t be ice!?), A box of fish from ice fishing and a sled. line up 4 or more of these as seats or a pretend race

6) Frozen fish tank

7) Pipe prgans or a piano: gather ’round, a classic chrismas always has a piano song or two!

8 ) Porridge on an open fire warms up your belly on a cold winter morning

9) an open fridge helps to cool down your igloo

10) Candle light is peaceful- you can carol around them or just use them as an alturnative to lamps or other sources of light


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6 Responses to “Igloo Ideas”

  1. Miley207


  2. dolphins349


  3. jordan

    this is ausome cant wait for more

  4. dtdt709

    Mind if i put some of these igloos on my site. Ill link back to you

    • moo0oo

      No, I don’t mind, so long as you provide a link. Good luck with your site 🙂

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